Friday, March 7, 2008

Brewing up Good Feelings in Fort Collins!

A big THANK you to the ladies who serve up the fabulous Soy Lattes at the Fort Collins Starbucks on the corner of College and E. Horsetooth Road. I went there two days in a row for a job interview and both times, treated myself to a pre-interview jolt. And both times, I was greeted with such warmth and effervescence that I almost put an offer on a house in Fort Collins right then and there!

I especially extend a big virtual hug to the young woman who took my coffee order who told me "You look like you just stepped out of a catalog" and "They'd have to be out of their minds not to hire you!" - and to the young woman who made my latte who proclaimed me gorgeous in my forest green Dr. Zhivago coat. You gave me not only a caffeine lift, but a much needed lift of my spirits that sent this weary job seeker into a second interview feeling like I would break out in "I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty" as an opening to the interview. Seriously, you made me feel great and everyone needs that.

So thanks for the random act of kindness - it made my day that much better.

And the lattes rocked!
If you've ever had someone do something unexpected that just made your day, share your experiences and let's spread a little kindness around!


Annie said...

Thanks for reading my post at Mile High Mamas. I LOVED your comment!

"I hope she doesn't have a cold."

That's funny stuff!

Lisa said...

Thanks,Annie - appreciate it! I was at a loss as to how to keep this six year old from getting bored, since it took almost 3 hours to just get up to the top! Seriously, I did learn about trust and kids that day and I thought twice before I ever said anything like that again!